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Sour Cream-Butter 'Gain a Pound' Cake

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Seriously, my friends...I do not think I have ever baked a more perfect cake. I'm not talking about a fru-fru layer cake with fancy frosting. I'm talking about an honest-to-goodness masterful creation of butter, eggs, and sugar that can stand all alone in the spotlight without a hint of decoration. THIS is THAT cake! I am thrilled to be able to share this creation with you. The only really "special" thing required for this cake, beyond good ingredients, is the ability to respect the clock. When the recipe calls for a specific amount of time, adhere to it exactly and you will be rewarded! That's it!! Let me walk you though it...


Scan through the slide show below to see the progression of how the cake comes together!! Click on the arrow pointing to the right...

I start off with good quality ingredients--see my farm fresh eggs? My BFF has chickens and provides me with the most wonderful eggs!! I'm so lucky!! Flipping through the next few pictures, notice how the butter goes from a seemingly small amount to almost tripled in size due to the incorporation of air by the consistent beating on high speed. "Air" is your best friend in this recipe, along with patience. As you flip through the photos, again, notice how the volume increases after the addition of the sugar and eggs. By the time you add the flour and the wet mixture, you've worked hard to incorporate a ton of tiny air pockets in the batter. This, along with the 6 eggs and the leavening agents are going to produce a cake as light as air with a texture that I can only describe as soft, pillowy goodness!! I am so excited for you to try this cake!! You have got to let me know your results! Happy baking, friends! ♥


I used a traditional flavor for the beauty on the left: good ole' vanilla. Trust me, you can NEVER go wrong with vanilla. For the gorgeous creature on the right, I went with a delicious butter pecan flavor. My kitchen smelled like a bakery wonderland!! I wish you could have been there with me!!

I've recently discovered a company that sells all-natural, artisanal flavorings and I'm thrilled with how well they worked with this recipe. A big shout out to #Amoretti for producing such wonderful extracts and flavorings! I'm a VERY happy customer!!


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Recipe for printing or downloading:

Sour Cream Pound Cake
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