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Homemade Beef Jerky!

I just love beef jerky! Not the stuff from the store---yuck! I love HOMEMADE beef jerky! It tastes so much better, y'all! The best part is I get to govern what goes in it. So if I want savory, sweet, spicy, or something unusual, I can take it in whatever direction I want to! Don't you consider that a plus? I'm a sweet jerky fan. Brad loves a spicy, savory jerky. But given the chance, we'll eat whatever we have around so it pays to not be too particular. At least when it comes to jerky.

Jerky is a high protein food, but it's also pretty high in sodium, so if you need to watch your salt intake, you might consider making a different snack. It's possible, I suppose, to make good jerky that's low in salt but truth be told, I've never tasted any. Meat craves salt to bring out the flavor. Whether you're using beef, venison, or lamb, it just tastes better with salt. Now, I've had a smoked salmon jerky and that was tragic! And it's also a story for another day: YIKES! LOL Let's just say, it was NASTY stuff. Anyway, I don't skimp on the salt. And as I said, I like it sweet. But to each his own, right?

Beef jerky is NOT an inexpensive snack food. Not only does the beef cost a lot, but it's a bit time intensive to make. I just want you to be aware it's not instant gratification. This recipe takes at LEAST 2 full days to get right. But it's worth it to me, and I hope you find it worthwhile, too! Enjoy!


It's a process for sure to go from a big pile of raw beef to a few bags full of tasty, dried jerky. But, it's worth the effort, so give it a whirl! Take my advice: go with a few packs of pre-sliced top sirloin roast from the meat counter at the butcher's. Talk about convenient! Very little slicing or trimming involved, so from now on it will be my "go-to method" for prepping my meat. This lovely rack of marinated beef sat in a bag for 24 hours, soaking in a marinade full of Worcestershire, garlic, onions, and pepper! Talk about a lovely aroma! One word: YUM!


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Beef Jerky Recipe
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