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Gimme some of them GEORGIA PEACHES!!

When August rolls around, I finally start to enjoy the summer---it's PEACH SEASON!! And, well---to be honest, if it weren't for tomatoes, watermelon and peaches, I'd be happy to skip summertime! I hate to be hot. LOL But--this year it hasn't been too terribly bad--we've had lots of rain which must be why the peaches are so juicy and sweet this year! Last week I bought a basket of peaches at #randaorchards up in Ellijay and they were superb! The variety was called "Contender" and they were just delicious. I went back to buy more the following week and the Contenders were already done for the season so I got a big basket of "Jersey Queen." It's my first experience with this variety and I must say---they are mighty fine! The pit comes out so easily! Thank God for freestone peaches! The Jersey Queen isn't quite as sweet as the Contender peach but I can't say a bad thing about them. The peach flavor is BAM, in your face and I love that! Brad and I stayed in the kitchen most of the afternoon working on peaches. And if you've ever "put up fruit or vegetables," then you understand it's nothing but work! But it's satisfying work for sure and out afternoon accomplishment consisted of 14 pints and 2 quarts of peaches in syrup, 7 jars of sugar-free peach preserves, 9 jars of regular peach preserves, and 9 jars of brown sugar and ginger spiced peach jam! What a great day in the kitchen!!


See?? We were BUSY!!


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