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Exciting time for 'Jamie Bakes!'

I hear people say all the time how blessed they are. They are either blessed with family, good health, financial stability, a job they love, etc...I could go on and on. I have to join their ranks and declare to anyone who will listen that I'm blessed beyond measure! Not only do I have an incredible family and group of cherished friends, I'm also happy to say we're all pretty healthy, can pay the light bill, and still have some change left over at the end of the week. We are indeed blessed more than most. But my blessings do not stop there. My cupcake business is kicking into gear, and I am overwhelmed at my reception into the wedding industry! I can't adequately express how excited to be on this journey! I'm getting the opportunity to bring happiness to people by BAKING! Wait, what?! Baking?? YES, BAKING!!

Can you believe such a seemingly insignificant action could result in such joy? Not just for me, but to my customers as well! When I see someone try a cupcake that I've prepared, I just get the best feeling. I watch for the tell-tell signs:

First, they breathe in the aroma of buttercream made with a quality extract like vanilla or almond. Then, they unwrap the paper to reveal a soft, moist layer of cake made with full-fat BUTTERMILK, and eggs. Finally they take the plunge and sink their teeth into my little creation; it's game over! I see the eyes close, the head tilt, and that happy smile start to spread over their face. For me, it's like hitting a home run or scoring a touchdown!

To say it's sheer satisfaction is an understatement, but that's exactly what it is. Satisfaction in the results of a job, performed to the best of my ability, being thoroughly enjoyed. It's that simple. But that sense of satisfaction is priceless, and it's a feeling I hope and wish that all of you experience from whatever work you put your heart into.

2022 is bringing new working relationships to my business and I just have to give a shout out to the wedding venues who have added me to their 'Preferred Vendor List!'

I've also subscribed to a membership as a vendor for The Knot & Wedding Wire!



If you know someone who is planning a wedding, I would be very complimented if you could pass my name along for consideration. Thanks to everyone who is involved in my good fortune. I am not worthy, but I am very humbled and thankful!

Jamie ♥

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