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What is COWBOY CANDY anyway??

Well, it's only my new favorite way to eat jalapenos!! It's simply candied jalapeno peppers. That's it. But it's so good! It's addictive! The spicy/sweet combination is amazeballs and honestly, the sugar brings the heat factor way down so that the "pain" associated with eating hot peppers is pretty much gone!! I like that! Don't get me wrong--they peppers are still spicy, but for me the heat is bearable. Quite enjoyable, actually. If you're someone who LOVES extremely spicy food, then your Cowboy Candy might need a little help to get the heat up there where you want it. The last batch I made had Serrano peppers added. Serrano's are a good deal "hotter" to the palate than jalapenos, so adding them helps keep it fiery. Sugar is a neutralizer for the capsaicin found in the peppers, so it's natural for the jalapenos to become easier to eat when prepared with this sugar syrup. But the sugar can't do much with the Serrano heat, so if you want spice, definitely add Serrano's, habaneros, or even some crazy hot peppers like Ghost or Scorpion chili's. And by all means, wear gloves! Handling chili's bare handed is insane and you're asking for trouble. Trust me---a chili coated finger rubbed across an eye is a horrible SENSATION!! And it lasts for HOURS, so just wear gloves! But do try to make this stuff. It's good! I love it on a cracker with cream cheese, which is the traditional way to serve a pepper jam. You can get creative and serve it with melted Brie or a baked Gouda wrapped in pastry. Talk about delish!! Or you can just slap it on a burger and call it a day! Regardless of how you plan to enjoy your Cowboy Candy, I'm satisfied you will consider it a new favorite find! YOU'RE WELCOME!! LOL


Talk about sticky, yummy goodness!!


See the process!


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Tutorial Video:


Recipe in WORD format for downloading or printing:

Cowboy Candy Recipe
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