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Tomato Pie, me oh my!! Yum!!

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

When I think of pie, it's usually something yummy and sweet like a cherry or pecan pie. I bet you're the same, right? Well, some creative person came up with a savory pie using tomatoes! Genius!! God bless em', I say, because I happen to LOVE tomatoes. And since we're in the middle of summertime in GA as I write this, it makes sense to write about tomatoes because we are having a bumper crop of them this year and I'm thrilled. So, what is a tomato pie? Well, it's not a pizza, I assure you. But it does belong in the pizza family---lets call the tomato pie a distant pizza cousin. They both have a crust, both are enhanced with herbs, and both utilize the lovely tomato. But in a pizza, the star of the show is usually the crust or the cheese. In a tomato pie, it's all about the tomato!!! My friend Sarah introduced me to this lovely creation after she had a slice at a restaurant in downtown Atlanta, and I've been hooked since. Look through the pics below, watch the video to learn the technique, and be sure to save the recipe posted at the bottom of the page. You'll be glad you did!!! ♥



Notice the layers in this pie. It's not JUST tomatoes, folks. This pie has a lovely bottom shortcrust topped with a mixture of cheeses and herbs. The recipe I came up with uses Cream Cheese, Monterrey Jack, Sharp Cheddar, and Parmesan. Fresh basil, oregano, and parsley from the herb garden round out the other components. Throw them all together and SHAZAAM!! You're left with a yummy slice of tomato Heaven. Just sayin'...


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Tutorial Video:


Recipe for downloading or printing:

Tomato Pie Recipe
Download DOCX • 37KB
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