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The ULTIMATE peanut butter cookie is so easy to make!!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Y'all.....I ain't even kidding! This cookie is so stinking GOOD---it's full of peanut butter, and I like the fact that I can control how crunchy or chewy the cookies turn out! I also like that I can get a variety in textures since it doesn't matter if you use smooth or creamy peanut butter. Talk about a versatile cookie recipe! I love how the vanilla comes through in the flavor profile---it's just a hint but it's enough to dazzle!! If you watch the video below, you'll see that I deviated from the traditional use of crisscrossed fork prongs to press the cookie with. I used a cookie stamp and let me tell you, I will never use forks again for peanut butter cookies! This cookie press is beyond adorable and just look at my finished product!! I am so in love with the result!! Give this recipe a try--you can thank me later! And watch the video---it's super short and to the point! Everyone has time to watch it!! Then go bake some of these cookies!!! ♥


Oscar-approved Peanut Butter Cookie



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Peanut Butter Cookie
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