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Summertime FLUFF PIE is fabulous!!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Seriously, when you don't have to heat the kitchen up in the summertime to make a good dessert, wouldn't you call that success?? Well, this pie is the one you will turn to time and time again for family functions, church socials, bbq's & cookouts, and just about any other occasion you can come up with to make one! It's creamy, fluffy, cold and delicious!! Winner, winner, it's FLUFF PIE after dinner!! So, what's in a Fluff Pie, you wonder? Well, it's the easiest thing to throw together: softened cream cheese, a tub of whipped topping, and a box of your favorite Jello. Oh, and you'll need a graham cracker pie crust. And that's it. See what I mean? Easy peasy! I'm excited to share this video and recipe with you. I can't wait to hear your feedback. The combinations you can come up with are endless for this pie, so keep me in the loop on how you make YOUR fluff pie!!!


Strawberry Fluff Pie

Peach Fluff Pie

What screams summertime in GA?

PEACHES, that's what! And this Peach Fluff Pie is absolutely dreamy!

Lime Fluff Pie


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Video tutorial:


Recipe for downloading or for printing:

Fluff Pie Recipe
Download DOCX • 36KB

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