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Sausage & Cheese Balls are NOT just for holidays!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Sausage & cheese balls surge in popularity around the holidays. You are sure to find them on every holiday party table. But then once New Year's is celebrated, it seems like the lovely sausage ball goes into hiding. This is a travesty, people! Lets eat more sausage balls during the year!! Lets cause a sausage ball revival!! LOL Ok, so maybe I'm being dramatic, but seriously---I miss sausage balls when they are gone for the season. The ones I've fallen in serious love with are over-the top because this is no regular sausage & cheese balls. This is a sausage & PIMENTO CHEESE ball!! Shut the front door!!!! You read it right!! I add pimento cheese in my recipe and it makes the sausage ball ever so lovely and moist inside. Try them!! And don't forget the honey mustard!



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Recipe for printing or downloading:

Sausage Ball recipe
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Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce
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