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Puff Pastry with fresh fruit jam!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

It's hard to beat this wonderful combination when it comes to easy dessert. I went the extra mile and made a homemade jam but you could totally use store bought jam, or you could use custard or pudding along with fresh fruit and whipped cream. This pastry is so versatile, the possibilities are endless. I love the way the puff pastry bakes up to a golden brown, hunk of yummy crunchyness! It's totally my thing!! And I think it will be your thing, too! I'm excited for you to try this recipe, and of course, you MUST let me know how it goes! Send me a photo of YOUR creation! Now, get busy!


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Tutorial video:


Recipe available for downloading or for printing:

Puff Pastry with fresh fruit jam recipe
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