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Pizza Crust

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I love pizza. I don't know anyone who doesn't, come to think of it. And that makes sense because pizza is AMAZING stuff! Even a "bad" pizza is better than no pizza. Some would argue, but hey----to each his own. Anyway, with that being said I find a key factor in making pizza is mastering the crust! I've never been able to create the perfect crust. There, I said it. But through trial and error, I feel I have finally mastered a very good crust! Choose your battles, people. "Perfect" is relative.

The key to my very good crust is the bread flour. In the past, I used all-purpose flour. It works and it will make dough, just not good dough. It's on the 'meh' scale. Invest the extra dollar and buy a bag of bread flour. You won't be sorry. The bread flour has the gluten factor going on and creates a crust that is crispy on the edges and on the bottom and soft and chewy inside. Yum! I'm happy to post my recipe for pizza crust down below and I want you to make it yourself and let me know what YOU think. Email me some photos of your efforts!

Here are a few pics of 2 pies I made last night. One was a traditional pizza with red sauce and all my favorite toppings while the other was a combo of red sauce on one side and PESTO spread on the other side. Let me just say, pesto is a magical creation and I give mad props to whoever came up with it.

Pizza slideshow below:

My hope is that you dive into pizza making with gusto! Don't be afraid. Remember--bad pizza ain't so bad. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! But I'm confident YOU won't be making any bad pizza. Your pizza is going to be fabulous, just like you. And me. <wink>


Pizza Crust Recipe:

Pizza Crust Recipe
Download DOCX • 37KB
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