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Jam for Christmas!

People are loving the idea of giving "homemade" gifts for Christmas this year. I'm all about it! After all--a homemade gift is made with love. Who wouldn't prefer that over a store-bought trinket? I realize it's the thought that matters, BUT---you give someone something delicious and they will remember it! I know what you're thinking. "Jamie, I don't have time to make homemade gifts!" I get it. You're busy! I totally understand, and that's why you have me! I've been a busy bee in the kitchen, churning out batch after batch of jam and I plan to keep it up all through December! Talk about the perfect gift for someone who has EVERYTHING! Pepper Jam is THE thing this year, and with good reason. It's sweet, spicy, and FABULOUS with cream cheese on a cracker! If you've never tried it--you're missing out!

Take a look at what I've been creating:

What you see above is a collection of different types of jam that's I've cooked up. I've got everything from a ZERO heat pepper jam to a 'blow the hair off your head/eat a hole through your tongue' pepper jam! See? Something for EVERYONE! These jars make great stocking stuffers, and they look grand in a gift basket with a sleeve of crackers or a loaf of good crusty bread.


See below in the slide show a detailed list of what I have available for purchase:

The following JAMs are $7 each per half pint jar:

  1. Sweet Pepper Jam--This jam has ZERO heat. It's made with sweet, young mini peppers and has a lovely flavor.

  2. Mild Pepper Jam--This jam is made with just a few jalapenos in the whole batch! It has just enough heat to make a nice "glow" on your palate. Not hot--just right!

  3. Pineapple Jalapeno Jam--Tropical pineapple with a kick from jalapenos?? It's AWESOME!! Excellent combination, and this jam also makes a nice glaze for fish and chicken!

  4. Raspberry Habanero Jam--Raspberry flavor with an intense punch of heat from Habanero chilies. If you like spice and a fruity flavor, you will adore this jam.

  5. Cowboy Candy--This wonderful "jam" is more of a relish. It's basically just candied jalapenos and onions in a sugary, apple cider vinegar based syrup. It's great with cream cheese, or just straight outta the jar with a fork!

  6. Cranberry Jalapeno Jam--This tasty jam has the right amount of heat from jalapenos, partnered with the tart punch of flavor from fresh cranberries. It's perfect for the season.

  7. Muscadine Cranberry Jam--There's no heat at all in this lovely jam. I saved some wild grapes that grow around the woods near my home in the Fall, mixed in some cranberries and ended up with a delightful mix that just says CHRISTMAS! You'll need a warm biscuit for sure!

  8. Red Pepper Jam--I used a mix of Green Thai chilies and Scotch Bonnet peppers for this one. To me, it's bloody hot. I added a bit of cranberry juice for flavor, but truth be told, it gets lost in the heat. If you like spice, you will love this jam.

  9. Red Death Jam--This one is a blend of Habanero & Serrano's, 2 super spicy peppers that will take your breath if you're not careful. I've been told it's delicious, but all I get from it is pain. I have the palate of an Irish Washer Woman. Haaaaaaaa!!

And then there's this $10 jar of evilness:

It looks harmless enough but don't be fooled. This concoction is deadly.

I call this jam:

"Sit in the Creek!"

If you eat this jam, the following day you will definitely need a cool place to sit after Nature Call's because this is made with Carolina Reaper peppers. These vile things register in at over 2,200,000 units on the Scoville Register. Think about it. Our spicy friend the jalapeno comes in at 3,500 to 8,500 units on the Scoville scale. The Carolina Reaper is well over two million! Not only is it hot, it's dangerous and not intended for folks who can't handle spice. The burn starts off slowly and builds in intensity that is fiery and constant. You can't get away from it, and it will take your breath. Milk, sugar, vinegar--nothing works to calm the sensation except time. So be forewarned and only ingest this jam with caution! And don't blame me if your tongue falls out of your mouth. You were warned.


Email me for information about purchasing some jam for your Christmas needs by clicking on the button below. Be sure to tell me the name of the jam and the number or jars you'd like. All jams are $7 per half pint, excluding the 'Sit in the Creek!' jam--it's $10 per half pint jar.

  • Dahlonega pick-up available at a designated spot.

  • Shipping is available ONLY to Georgia residents, per my Cottage License agreement.

If you have a suggestion or request for a special jam, feel free to drop a line. I'm happy to play around with new recipes! I hope to hear from you soon!!!

Happy holidays, y'all!

Jamie ♥

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