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Jalapeño Popper Dip!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

I love it when an idea comes together and turns out to be a big, fat ball of FABULOUS! I admit--it doesn't happen every time but in this case, I've scored big-time! It's my own personal spin on a Jalapeño Popper! It's been deconstructed and made into DIP!!! You will love how easy it comes together, and I wish I could be there to see your face the first time you try some on a tortilla chip! This will be a major player on your Super Bowl party food table. Just stick a little label on the casserole dish and watch people be curious about it. I bet it's all gone before the half-time show even starts!


So, have you ever tried to make poppers? They are a big pain in the rear end!! It's the 'stuffing the pepper' part that gets me. Maybe I'm challenged--but getting the outside layer of panko to stick to a shiny jalapeno is hard! I end up dipping the popper in my egg wash and rolling it around in the panko only to have big bare spots that nothing will stick to. So I go back to the egg wash and roll again----I end up with a big thick layer of crust, and I'm STILL not guaranteed the outside will even stay on the popper once it hits the hot oil! Grrr!! Aggravation!!!!!!!! It's just too much drama, so thank goodness this recipe checks all the boxes: tastes like a popper, easy to make, clean-up's a breeze! Whoo hoo!!

Take a look-see at this slide show below to see how easy it all comes together:


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Tutorial video:


RECIPE for downloading or printing:

Jalapeno popper dip
Download DOCX • 38KB

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