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Italian Casserole for dinner, please!!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

My Momma is as good a cook as you will find around here. Her biscuits will make you smile, and her eggplant parmesan will make you squeal with delight! LOL You see, I grew up "on good pasture," as my Granny would say, and my friends always wanted to come over to my house because they knew Momma would be cooking something tasty for supper!!! Well, I remember vaguely when the Italian Casserole made an entrance into my life. My Daddy's baby sister, Johnnie Marie, shared the recipe with Moma at least 40 to 45 years ago...Dang, I'm owning up to my age here, folks! Pfffttt....Whatever. Anyway--it's a pretty simple casserole, consisting of a ground beef and onion base, pasta sauce, cheese, a crust, and an unexpected vegetable: French-style green beans!! They gotta be French-style and they gotta be from a can. You can make substitutions all day long but if you want an authentic Brenda Seabolt "Italian Casserole," you better follow the recipe! It's delicious, filling, relatively inexpensive to make and it feeds a crowd. What's not to love?? The recipe calls for ground beef, but if you REALLY feel compelled to deviate from the recipe, you could use Italian sausage, ground turkey or chicken, add in some pepperoni or chopped salami. It's an endless opportunity situation, folks. I'm thrilled to share it with you. I ask that you make it in your own kitchen then get back to me on how it turned out. Watch the video below for a walk through the basics. You can thank me later! ♥



Crusty, cheesy, yumminess!!


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Recipe available for downloading or printing:

Italian Casserole Recipe
Download DOCX • 36KB

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