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How to CAN chicken in a PRESSURE CANNER!

I'm in love with my Presto pressure canner, y'all! It's big enough to allow me to do a lot of pints at one time--18 to be exact, so it's worth my time and effort to tackle a big canning project because I can get a lot done in a pretty short amount of time. If you're overly time sensitive, as in you have lots going on and you have to be very structured and regulated concerning your time then you might consider another hobby. Or, you could just suck it up and realize it takes as long as it takes and just get it done. You'll be glad you did because there is something so satisfying about pulling those hot jars full of cooked food out of the canner! You'll feel like a Mother Hen with her chicks, and you will want to show off your efforts to everyone. And with good reason, I say!

Canning is a way of life for many even in this modern world. I know for a fact that my Granny and Great Granny all put a lot of time and effort into their gardens each year just so they'd have food to see the family through winter. Canning for me is not a necessity, but I do find it very rewarding and to be honest, home canned food just tastes better. When I process my own canned goods, I control what goes in the jar. At the store, you're depending on an assembly line method with zero heart and soul put into the food. It's rarely delicious, but it's what most Americans have come to know so it's just accepted. But not with me. I love to preserve my own food and pressure canning is my favorite method when it comes to canning meat, potatoes, corn, and any other low-acid food. I like to water bath and freeze other things, and I've recently purchased an Excalibur food dehydrator so I'm super excited to start drying apples since Fall is just around the corner.

If I sound like I'm gushing with enthusiasm, well good! LOL I guess I am! I love sharing my knowledge about food preservation with anyone who has an interest and I hope you find the tutorial video below to be useful for introducing you to the art of canning meat. I hope to hear from you if you have any questions or comments---I love sharing info and hearing about preserving methods other folks like. It's just interesting stuff and I'm all about it!! ♥

***REMEMBER: A pressure cooker and a pressure canner are 2 different things!! A pressure cooker allows you to cook meats or hard veg in a short amount of time. A pressure canner is geared more towards food preservation than actual cooking. A pressure cooker can't hold a constant amount of pressure as well as a pressure canner and for that reason it would be taking a big chance on using your pressure cooker as a canner----you just can't kill all the microbes present that could cause the food in your jar to rot and become dangerous for consumption. Safety first, friends!***


If you have the time to invest in this type of food preservation, your pocketbook AND your taste buds will thank you!


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Tutorial video:

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