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French Onion Soup is mighty fine!

Have you ever made homemade French Onion soup? Well let me tell ya---it takes some time to do it right! But if you commit the time needed then you will be rewarded with a delicious bowl of oniony delightfulness made even better by the ooey-gooey-bubbly cheese running down the side of the bowl as you take it out from under the broiler! I hope I just created a vision for you because this soup is just damn good. Remember: use quality products for a quality recipe result. This recipe calls for wine, beef stock, sherry, garlic and thyme, and a boatload of yellow or white onions. Use GOOD wine, something you'd drink. Preferably not a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, but hey--no judgement. Use what you can afford. I used my own homemade beef stock for this recipe but it's not required! Store bought boxed stock/broth will make a beautiful soup! The ending step is the best part in my opinion: the bread & cheese! As I mention in my video, I bought a $7 hunk of Gruyere cheese(it's in the Swiss family) which I grated and melted on top of my French bread. If you don't care for Swiss cheese, don't use it. Gruyere is really delish--very nutty and bold, and it just goes GREAT with the onions. I've seen restaurants use Provolone, which is delicious but lacking in depth of flavor, but it's not half bad truth be told. The point is--use what YOU like, but make sure it's good quality. That way you will end up with a kick-ass pot of soup. Really really. If you give this recipe a whirl, please reach out and let me know what you think!!!


Seriously, doesn't this look divine??



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French Onion Soup Recipe
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