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Elote' Dip: bring some Mexican Street Corn to your next party!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Seriously, friends--if you're looking for something out of the ordinary for your next get-together, serve this stuff!! It doesn't need to replace your typical guacamole or salsa next to the tortilla chips, but it will make a very appreciated addition. There's just something about the tart lime flavor, combined with the roasted corn! It's outta this world GOOD!! .

"Wat is it?," you say?? Well, it's basically Mexican corn on the cob, covered in a savory sauce, spritzed with lime and chili then sprinkled all over with cheese!! Seriously!!?? How could it be anything but delicious? Elote' basically translates to "corn kernels on or off the cob." Street vendors in Mexico serve it on the cob, so consider it a "portable food item" that you can carry around as you shop. The recipe I came up with takes the corn OFF the cob because, well, #1--- it's not as messy to eat AND, #2--you can add other goodies to the dish that kick it up a knotch! You can eat it as a side dish, but I've found it makes the BEST party dip! People love it, and it goes quick, so if you're expecting a lot of folks, you better double up on the recipe. Please share this recipe and let me know what you think!!



It's easy to make, y'all....See my process below!


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Recipe for printing or downloading:

Elote' Dip--Mexican Street Corn off the
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