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Brussels Sprouts---you had to grow on me!!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

But I'm soooooo glad I didn't give up, you baby-cabbage-looking bundle of green! I just had to learn how to cook you properly!! And now I shall stop speaking to the sprouts and speak to YOU. Seriously, friends---I've hated brussels sprouts for 98% of my life. I've tried them time and time again just to give them a fighting chance, and at each opportunity I was met with a bitter little ball of yuck. Each time I tried them, it was from a bag of fresh sprouts I had gotten at the store. I'd blanch them, bake them, season them up well---heck, I even made a lovely creamy cheese sauce, and the end result was always the same: a mouthful of bitter disappointment. Literally, it was the BITTER that threw me off. But a few months ago, while attending a birthday dinner I was brought face to face with my dreaded adversary yet again. And, being a good guest, I accepted a few sprouts on my plate, totally not intending to eat them. I plucked up some determination, and popped a sprout in my mouth. Lo and behold---it was TASTY!!! I was bowled over, totally amazed, and quite confused truth be told! I hate brussels sprouts!!! Or so I thought. I just wasn't cooking them correctly for my particular palate.

Let me share with you the method that works for me!




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