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"Beans, beans, the musical fruit...."

Perhaps I should not continue with that particular song! Haaaaaa!

Y'all, I love beans. I can't imagine not being able to enjoy a nice bowl of soup beans, or baked beans with BBQ!! It's a sad thought! But it's reality for many people who suffer from a bean intolerance in their digestive tract. My husband Brad is one of them. It hasn't always been that way---it slipped up on him as he's aged and now his gut is quite particular about dried beans like pinto's, Navy beans, Great Northern beans, butterbeans----basically any of the good ole' "soup beans" we know and love!! My Mother is also sensitive to beans. But not me, thank God above. I have a cast-iron gut! Haaaa! Anyway, a friend told me about a process she does to beans that might make them easier on the digestive system. She gave me a can of pinto beans she soaked and "sprouted." I incorporated them into a meal and while skeptical, Brad was a good sport and had some of the soup I made using that can of beans. To our delight, he was able to enjoy the soup with very little discomfort so I knew we were on to something with this processing method. Is he able to eat a big bowl of beans in one sitting? Well, no. The sprouting method isn't 100% effective because you're still working with a bean----you're changing the interior structure of the bean but it's still a bean and doesn't lose all it's bellyache inducing properties. But, for Brad at least, it helps! And maybe it will help you, too.

My tutorial video will walk you through the steps of sprouting the dried beans to canning them for shelf stability. If you're not planning to can any, then of course you get to skip a few procedures. Hopefully you will find the process interesting as well as beneficial. I'd love to hear from you about it!! Enjoy!


Tutorial Video:


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