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"Back to Basics" Video #1: "How to make rice."

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Y'all, I'm thrilled to tell you about my latest project! It came to me as I did my research that there is a niche of folks being left out when it comes to food and cooking blogs, videos, etc...I guess we take it for granted that everyone just instinctively knows their way around the kitchen. This is sooooooo far from the truth!!! Many folks are CLUELESS!! And that's sad to me. I grew up in a home with a Moma who was a ROCKSTAR in the kitchen! I learned a lot just by watching and helping her. I don't recall ever having a lesson--it was just something I picked up along the way. But in this day and age, cooking practices have changed to keep up with crazy schedules and more often than not, kids grow up without the basic knowledge of how to feed themselves without a microwave!! I think that's tragic! And I hope to offer a little insight to anyone who might be interested in learning some kitchen basics.

I start off the series with:

  • Video #1: "How to make rice."

I'm not kidding. I walk you through the steps of cooking a pot of rice! It's that easy. And it's quick and to the point. Takes less than 5 minutes of video time. And then, for anyone who wants to continue watching, I go on to explain about 6 different varieties or rice. It may not be info that everyone necessarily needs to know, but it's interesting and hopefully useful! If you haven't gotten to see the video, no worries. I'm posting an info page down below that lists everything I talk about in the video. You'll also find the usual recipe posted, too.

I seriously hope this new series of "How to..." videos becomes a useful tool for the 'up and coming cooks' of the world! As always, feel free to drop me a line at and let me know of something you think would be a useful addition to the series!


Can you name the 6 varieties listed?


Top row-left to right: Brown Basmati, Long-Grain White, & Wild Rice

Bottom row-left to right: Arborio or Medium-Grain, Jasmine, & Basmati


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Tutorial video:


Recipe for print out or downloading:

Recipe for White Rice
Download DOCX • 35KB

Interesting things about rice:

Rice Information Page
Download DOCX • 18KB

Thanks so much for stopping by. I invite you to take a look around at my other blog entries--you might find something fabulous. Please subscribe to my blog, too--it's free! Leave a comment or a suggestion--I really love hearing from you! Jamie ♥

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