If you have some specific cupcake ideas, I'm more than happy to work with you to find just the right cupcake for your special day! I suggest the classic vanilla or almond white cake as your base, followed by my classic buttercream, also available in vanilla and almond. Custom color schemes in buttercream or with colored sprinkles and sugar pearls will keep your color-theme popping as your guests enjoy your reception!  Take a look at these sample idea's!

Simple ruffles with sugar pearls

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Simple swirl with sprinkles and sugar pearls

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Simple all white hydrangea with sprinkles

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Simple swirl with sprinkles

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Simple swirl with assorted sugar pearls

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Simple swirl with sprinkles

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Custom with dried fruit

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Simple swirl with sugar pearls

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Simple swirl with sprinkles

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Custom tri color, sprinkles

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Custom tri color hydrangea

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Custom tri color with sprinkles

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Simple 2 color with sprinkles

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$1.65 per serving

This small treat is considered a "2-bite" cupcake. It's perfect for those guests who just want a "taste." These are available in multiple flavors, with a 2 dozen minimum per flavor.


$3.50 per serving

My Simple Cupcakes will delight your guests with their own individually decorated treat. Think about going with the Almond Buttercream for that extra bit of flair! Choose up to 2 colors of buttercream.


$4.50 per serving

The Custom Cupcake offers a bit of extra flair for those looking to add more colors and embellishments to their wedding fare. Choose up to 3 colors in buttercream.


For your 'cutting the cake' photo!

Available in:

2-layer--$35 (4" round)

3-layer--$55 (4" round)

2-layer--$40 (6" round)

3-layer--$60 (6" round)

Your choice of standard flavors, white buttercream, color coordinating sprinkles & piped borders.



**The following information applies to clients who wish to book the services of 'Jamie Bakes' 

WITHOUT using the package services of a wedding venue.** 


A SIMPLY decorated, standard size cupcake with a swirl/rosette of vanilla buttercream and some complimenting sprinkles/sugar beads and glimmer dust is $3.50 per serving.  I can offer up to 2 different buttercream colors for this option.

A CUSTOM decorated, standard size cupcake is $4.50 per serving. This option allows for 3 colors of buttercream, complementing sprinkles/sugar beads, & glimmer dust.


There is a minimum order of 60 standard size cupcakes for an event.

2 dozen minimum order of standard size cupcakes per flavor.

Mini-cupcakes are available in sets of 2 dozen minimum per flavor.


Assorted flavors are available (including Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Lemon Chiffon, Almond, Spice, Strawberry, and Key Lime) but for each flavor pick there is a 2 dozen minimum.


Only BUTTERCREAM frosting is used. Fondant is not available.


I prefer to use the tulip style cupcake paper when I bake the cupcakes. However, I can use a regular white cupcake liner if  you want to use a cupcake sleeve/wrap.  The sleeve can either be provided for you, or I can purchase them online and charge you what I was charged. No mark-up will be applied.


Cupcake table set-up service is available: $50 

[This includes a table cloth, cupcake stands, risers, and display of cupcakes. Does not include greenery, candles, flowers, etc. If these items are furnished, I am happy to work them in with the design set-up.]

**The wedding party assumes responsibility for display pieces, and will be accountable for replacing missing or damaged pieces.**


Free delivery for Lumpkin & Dawson County venues.  Outside of these locations, mileage charges will be applied based on distance from the bakery.


Sales tax is included in the cupcake pricing. 


Payment in full is to be paid no later than 1 month prior to the wedding date. Failure to secure payment to vendor will result in cancellation of services.


Cupcake upgrades are available for a fee, which depends on desired upgrade feature. Those features include the following options:  Chocolate Ganache Buttercream, Cream Cheese Buttercream, fresh or dried fruit additions, herb greenery (rosemary, lavender), crushed nut toppings (pistachio, pecan, or almond) and cupcake fillings like fruit compote or cream. Pricing can be discussed.

If you have specific questions that were not answered, please reach out via email.